Men Are Not Animals

In a world where anyone outside of the societal norm is practically condemned, we still need to think critically about how this has effected men. We are constantly bombarded by women in bikinis, absolutely ripped men, and boys growing up who are taught not to be “pussies”. The issue of sexism applies to men as well, and it isn’t something that we should ignore during our fight for equality.

One thing that truly bothered me recently was a picture that was making the rounds in a library at a school in Arizona. I wrote about it and mentioned it previously, but I think it needs a closer look. Frequently women are blamed for rape because they dressed provocatively or “asked for it”, and many assholes love turning to this excuse in their defense. Now, besides the obvious reason as to why that’s a load of shit, men, what were you thinking?!

This idea that men are animals is invasive beyond measure. Men, don’t allow yourselves to be lumped in with a bunch of jackasses who want the easy way out. You are not animals, you are not idiots, you are not incapable of controlling your urges! Women have urges, too! I’ve never understood why so many men stand behind this idea that they’re mindless beasts and “Oh, hot woomans, tiny skirt, best place for dick”. While it’s obvious to many that women should be offended, men should be just as offended. If women aren’t playthings and we are growing louder and demanding to be heard on our opinions, we should also speak up for men.

Now I know tons of men out there who realize the inherent idiocy in this issue and who refuse to be associated with such a base idea. But men are just as discouraged to speak out as women are in a variety of ways. Son, don’t you cry, real men don’t cry. Son, I know you only hit that girl cuz you like her, good boy. Hey man, that chick flirted with you, trust me, she wants it, the outfit says it all. NO NO NO NO NO. NO NO. BAD.

Then, when men DO try to speak out, they’re called faggots or pussies and treated as if they’re ruining the game for the rest of mankind. Here’s a secret: THEY ARE. These men realize the idiocy behind these ideas and thoughts and are trying to shit all over these misogynistic ideas which would ruin the party for the asshats out there. It takes courage and strength, even if we as women think that it should just be a given.

I want the men out there to know that you can cry, or you can never shed a tear. You can be effeminate and not gay, you can be gay and not effeminate. You can be loud and emotional, or quiet and stoic. You can be outspoken, you can be a feminist, you can be muscular or not. When women demand that we not be lumped into categories based on whether or not we look like a Kardashian, men are entitled to that exact same right. A man has the opportunity to be just as varied and just as wonderfully unique as we women state that we do. Masculinity is how YOU define it, not the world.

For all of the men out there who are badass, who defend the women in their life, you are a fellow feminist. There should be more PEOPLE like you, in general, and we thank you for what you do. As strong women I’ve noticed it can be hard to say that we need help, especially a mans (thanks for that, misandry) but the reality is that we cannot do this alone, and for every man out there trying to put a woman in her “place”, there’s another man supporting a woman and her chosen role. So yeah, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

8 thoughts on “Men Are Not Animals

  1. If I am an animal I wanna be a Labrador. A happy dog who is happy to greet people and love them in overwhelming fashion.

    Seriously, I am a feminist too who wants women to have the right and space to be who they want without having to answer to anyone.

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